Collagen Sunbed

Discover the future of sunbeds!

The collagen sunbed at the Sole Felsen Welt Gmünd combines the classic properties of a tanning bed with a revolutionary form of collagen therapy.

What is collagen?

As a "network" of the body, collagen is an important part of connective tissue. Connective tissue is located between all of the body's cells and organs, and it is a component of bones, vessel walls, tendons, ligaments and skin. Collagen fibres shape the appearance of the body. As we get older, we produce less collagen, the skin loses its elasticity, shows increased signs of aging, and our connective tissue gets weaker. Muscle, tendon and ligament weaknesses can also occur.


How do collagen sunbeds work?

Experiments have shown that certain cells in the skin can be stimulated so that they produce collagen, which is responsible for improving the quality of the skin. This takes place in the walls of the blood vessels. Special light waves, which are located in a certain spectral range, increase the oxygen uptake of the body's cells, stimulate detoxification, improve the skin's moisture absorption and storage capacity. The process tightens the skin and strengthens the body's collagen network. If desired, UV light can be switched on for a nice tan.


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There are currently enough tickets available.

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