Crystal Sauna

Experience the positive effect of healing gemstones in the hottest sauna at the Sole Felsen Welt.

Temperature: 95 °C

High temperatures, low humidity and the power of gemstones make the Crystal Sauna a unique experience for your senses. Crystals have a positive effect that activates the body's own healing properties. They also increase vitality.

Experienced sauna-goers who would like to stimulate their circulation have come to the right place. A combination of the Crystal Sauna and our legendary "Granitbeißer" aromatherapy session, named after a popular mountain biking race in Austria, is the perfect way to relax. Large panorama windows let in generous amounts of light and offer a beautiful view of the great outdoors.


Aromatherapy in the Sauna


How to use the sauna: Please do not wear a bathing suit. You will need a towel for the sauna and a towel for the shower. Please leave your sandals in front of the door when you enter.




Pool and sauna capacity


There are currently enough tickets available.


There are currently enough tickets available.

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