Breathe in the scent of nature, feel the coolness of the Waldviertel’s forests, have a bite to eat, listen to the chirping of the birds and do something good for your body – cycling in the area around the Sole Felsen Welt is a unique experience.

The most popular cycling routes that start right from the hotel are:

Waters of the Waldviertel Cycling Route

  • Total length: 77 km
  • Takes you on agricultural, dirt and little-used rural roads

Fun Bike Trails

  • More challenging cycling routes
  • Fun bike trails in the immediate vicinity:
  • Granite Trail (58 km long) or
  • Nebelstein Route (22 km long, around 38 km if you start from Gmünd)

Big Bang Nature Path

  • A leisurely hiking and cycling route
  • 13.7 km long
  • Takes you on quiet roads and sandy paths
  • Includes a few inclines


Ask for the appropriate cycling map at the reception.


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There are currently enough tickets available.

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