Aqua Jogging

Now jogging.

Aqua jogging is part of water sports and means running in water. The body floats in the water and receives buoyancy from a special belt. You can borrow the aqua jogging belt at the cash desk for a fee.  

With aqua jogging, the musculoskeletal system is moved and strengthened in a way that is easy on the joints, thereby reducing the weight load on the musculoskeletal system. In addition, the cardiovascular system is trained and stimulated. If done correctly, aqua jogging is a full-body workout and not only strains the legs, but also the arms, shoulders and postural muscles.

Aqua Jogging with us in the Sole Felsen Bad:

The belt rental is located at the cash desk in the foyer of the Sole Felsen Bad.

Fee: 2 € per hour
Deposit: 25 €

A distinction is made between two running techniques:

In water running“, the runner is in chest-deep water and their feet are in contact with the ground. We recommend that beginners do the first units in a pool with ground contact, as this is a little less demanding.

Another possibility is „suspended deep water running“. It is the much more demanding variant of aqua jogging. The movement is performed with the belt in deep water without touching the bottom.
Aqua jogging is similar to iso-kinetic training: the water only offers you as much resistance as you use your strength. If you stand still, you have no resistance. When you move fast, you have ¬high resistance. That's why you can decide and control how gently or hard you want to train.

This is how you can master the best training for your body!


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