Infrared Sauna Booth

Get warmed up to the core and experience the wonderful warmth of our infrared sauna booth.

Every guest at the Sole Felsen Welt Pool Paradise can enjoy it.

Take 20 minutes to focus on yourself by relaxing and finding a sense of inner peace. Feel how this wonderful warmth has a positive effect on your entire body, improves your sense of well-being and makes any symptoms of pain less intense.

In order to ensure that your entire body is warmed up to a temperature that is comfortable for you, your body temperature has to increase at a slow and constant rate right from the beginning.
This is possible thanks to Physiotherm's special low-temperature infrared technology. 

The heat targets your entire back directly and continuously. As a result, your skin and tissue circulation improves, your muscles relax and your metabolism speeds up.




Pool and sauna capacity


We are partially occupied, there are only a few tickets available.


There are currently enough tickets available.

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