Sole Felsen Welt Hotel Map and More

We've put together a map of the Sole Felsen Welt Hotel so that you know exactly where you're going.

  1. Hotel-Main Entrance
  2. Reception
  3. Office
  4. Hotel Bar
  5. Seminar Rooms
  6. Orange Wing
  7. Green Wing
  8. Hotel Restaurant - Entrance
  1. Winter Garden | a la Carte Restaurant
  2. Terrace
  3. Amphitheater & Terrace
  4. Corridor for Guests in Bathrobes
  5. Hotel Cloakroom
  6. Hotel Relaxation Area with tea bar, spread over two floors
  7. Turnstile for the Sole Felsen Welt Pool Paradise
  8. 1st floor, corridor linking green and orange wings

Dear guests!

The sauna bar will be closed from October 3, 2022 to probably October 14, 2022 due to renovation work. You are welcome to consume food & drinks in our self-service restaurant.

Thank you for your understanding!
Your team from the Sole Felsen Welt


Pool and sauna capacity


There are currently enough tickets available.


There are currently enough tickets available.

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