House Rules and Rules for the Pool Paradise

Dear Guests, 

By purchasing a ticket, you have entered into a contract with the Sole Felsen Welt Pool Paradise ("Pool Paradise") and, in doing so, you agree to the following rules. These rules are part of this contract.

1. Pool Paradise Obligations

1.1 Allowing use of the facilities, assumption of risk for guests
(1) The Pool Paradise shall allow guests to use the facilities of the Pool Paradise at their own risk, within the framework of the provisions of these bathing regulations.
(2) Neither the Pool Paradise nor Pool Paradise staff is able to prevent bathing accidents in general. In particular, the guests themselves shall bear the risks associated with the practice of sport in the swimming area.
(3) The same shall apply to injuries and other interventions in the guest's personal sphere by other guests or other third parties who are not part of the Pool Paradise's staff.
(4) The Pool Paradise shall assume exclusively the following obligations towards the guests.

1.2 Opening hours and access
(1) The Pool Paradise is obliged to allow visitors to come during the opening hours as announced by notice or by the supervisory staff.
(2) If the officially permitted number of visitors is exceeded, the Pool Paradise may, with the assistance of the relevant staff, refuse to admit further visitors. In such cases, visitors wishing to visit must reckon with waiting times.
(3) The Pool Paradise reserves the right to refuse admission to persons whose admission to the premises appears questionable, without citing a reason.

1.3 Condition and operation of equipment
(1) The Pool Paradise shall guarantee that the equipment is installed, operated and maintained in accordance with applicable regulations. In particular, the Pool Paradise must comply with all applicable hygiene and safety regulations. The Pool Paradise has no further obligations.
(2) As soon as the Pool Paradise becomes aware of the malfunction, deficiency or defect of such equipment that no longer guarantees safe operation, the Pool Paradise shall immediately prohibit the use of such equipment or restricts its use in an appropriate manner.
3. The guest shall be responsible for complying with instructions given by the relevant personnel.

1.4. Ensuring compliance with Pool Paradise rules
The Pool Paradise, with the help of its competent staff, shall check, as far as is reasonable, that guests and other persons staying on the premises comply with Pool Paradise rules. If irregular behaviour is detected, the persons concerned shall be warned and may be expelled from the premises if necessary. For the safety of all guests and to protect against vandalism, surveillance cameras are installed in the Pool Paradise.

1.5 Assistance in case of accidents
In the event of an accident, the Pool Paradise, with the help of its competent staff, shall initiate immediate assistance measures within the limits of what is reasonable.

1.6 Assistance in averting indicated dangers
If the Pool Paradise, and in particular the staff responsible, is convinced by guests of an imminent danger to the health and life of guests, the Pool Paradise shall make every reasonable effort to avert this danger with the help of its staff.

1.7 No supervision of minors, disabled persons and non-swimmers
The Pool Paradise and therefore its staff is not able and therefore not obliged to supervise minors, physically or mentally disabled persons and non-swimmers. For this reason, children under 12 years of age are only admitted when accompanied by an adult.

1.8 Liability of the Pool Paradise
(1) The Pool Paradise shall only be liable for such damage which it or its staff have caused to the guest through unlawful , in particular non-contractual, behaviour and misconduct.
(2) The Pool Paradise shall not be liable for damage caused by disregard of the Pool Paradise rules, any other rules in effect or by disregarding the instructions of the staff, by any other fault of the injured party or by unavoidable events or force majeure, in particular, also by interventions by third parties. Contributory negligence shall result in a corresponding division of damages. The same shall apply, in turn, to any special rules of use (e.g. water slide, sauna, etc.) posted on the respective equipment and facilities, as well as to any restrictions on use within the meaning of item 1.3 (2).
(3) The Pool Paradise shall not be liable for damage to objects caused by contact with water.
(4) The use of parking spaces is at your own risk. The Pool Paradise is neither required to guard parking spaces nor to maintain its areas and other facilities in order to protect the vehicles from damage (e.g. by nails, broken glass or potholes).

2. Guest Obligations

2.1 Tickets, keys, prepaid cards, fees
(1) The use of Pool Paradise facilities is only permitted with a valid admission ticket according to rules governing entry fees. Such rules are part of the Pool Paradise rules.
(2) Admission tickets and sauna bracelets must be worn on the wrist for the entire duration of the visit. Lost admission tickets or sauna bracelets will not be reissued. The visitor must either leave the premises or buy a new ticket or sauna bracelet.
(3) A deposit may be required for keys issued on the basis of the applicable fees.
(4) Lost admission tickets and keys must be replaced.

2.2 Supervision of children, minors, non-swimmers and disabled persons
(1) The supervision of children, minors, non-swimmers and disabled person shall remain the responsibility of those persons otherwise responsible for such supervision of such persons (e.g. legal guardians or persons with supervisory duties or caregivers).
(2) These persons with the obligation to supervise shall remain responsible for such supervision even if they leave the premises of the Pool Paradise prematurely.
(3) The respective applicable regulations for the protection of minors, in particular, prohibitions on alcohol and smoking, entrance bans, obligations of legal guardians, are to be observed by such minors and their legal guardians.

2.3 Supervision during group visits
(1) In the case of schoolchildren, their chaperones shall ensure that the Pool Paradise rules are observed and shall assume full responsibility for such schoolchildren. In the case of clubs, associations and other organizations, the official in charge shall ensure such rules are observed and shall assume such responsibility for its members. Such chaperones and such officials shall be present for the entire duration of the group visit.
(2) Chaperones and officials shall consult with the Pool Paradise's supervisory staff to ensure that normal operation of the Pool Paradise is not disturbed by the group visit.
(3) Chaperones and officials ensure that no running takes place in the entire spa building in order to prevent accidents.

2.4. Instructions of the Pool Paradise staff
(1) The guests are obliged to follow the instructions of the responsible staff of the Pool Paradise without restrictions. This also applies if a guest should be of the opinion that the instruction given to him or her is not justified.
(2) Anyone who disregards the Pool Paradise rules or restrictions on the use of certain equipment (e.g. slide, sauna), or restrictions within the meaning of item 1.3 (2), or who disobeys the instructions of the staff in charge can be expelled from the premises by the latter or another representative of the Pool Paradise without any claim to reimbursement of the admission fee.
(3) In special cases, an entrance ban may also be issued for the future.

2.5 Hygiene rules
(1) Guests are obliged to maintain the utmost cleanliness in the entire Pool Paradise.
(2) The barefoot area should be entered with bathing shoes. Outdoor shoes are prohibited.
(3) The Pool Paradise may not be visited with infectious diseases.
(4) For hygienic reasons, a shower is to be taken each time before entering the pool. The showers must be turned off immediately after use.
(5) The use of soap, shampoos or detergents and washing swimwear in swimming pools is prohibited.
(6) Waste (bottles, glasses, cans, paper, etc.) must be placed in the designated waste containers. The rest and relaxation zones must be left clean.
(7) The use of fragile glass containers in the barefoot area is not permitted.
(8) In the case of deliberate contamination of swimming pools (snow, earth or other objects) the cleaning costs for such pools are to be paid and immediate reprimand is to be expected.

2.6 Avoiding dangers and nuisances
(1) Each guest is obliged to show consideration for other guests, especially with regard to noise levels. Therefore, every activity that disturbs or endangers other guests must be avoided.
(2) Climbing over the boundaries of the Pool Paradise is prohibited.
(3) All facilities and equipment in the Pool Paradise may only be used in accordance with its intended purpose (e.g. children's pools, non-swimmer area, water slide).
(4) There is a strict ban on mobile phones in the entire Sauna Paradise.
(5) Wearing goggles and similar swimming gear is prohibited without exception in the pools located in the Sauna Paradise.

2.7 Slide system
(1) The designated rules of conduct shall apply to the slide system.

2.8 Use of additional equipment
(1) The use of additional equipment is possible as long as it is available for an appropriate fee.
(2) Compensation shall be paid for loss or damage.

2.9. Introduction and loss of valuablesvehicle parking
(1) No liability shall be assumed for valuables brought into the Pool Paradise.
(2) Objects founds will be deposited at the Pool Paradise cash desk.
(3) Vehicles or other objects may only be parked in such a way that access to the Pool Paradise is not obstructed, especially with regard to rescue, fire brigade or police operations.

2.10. Obligation to report / assistance
(1) Accidents, thefts and complaints must be reported immediately to the responsible staff or the management of the Pool Paradise.
(2) Every guest is obliged to provide necessary first aid measures or other assistance.

2.11. Other commercial activity / advertising
Any kind of commercial activity or advertising in the area of the Pool Paradise requires the owner's consent.


Every bathing guest shall accept the house and Pool Paradise rules with the purchase of a ticket.

(The Austrian Professional Association of Bathing Establishments)



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