Running & Walking

Relaxation is the Goal – Running and Walking at the Sole Felsen Welt.

Go hiking in the Blockheide Nature Reserve, stroll along the “Walk around Town” route or take a brisk walk along the idyllic Chain of Ponds [Teichkettenweg] route.

Habsburg Lothringen Running and Walking Routes

Three marvellous running and walking routes begin directly at the hotel and are clearly marked by signs the whole way – meaning that nothing stands in the way of you enjoying a relaxing run or walk. P.S. Walking poles are available at reception free of charge.

Other Attractive Walking Routes:

Chain of Ponds
The Sole Felsen Welt Hotel is located directly on the Chain of Ponds [Teichkettenweg] route. This is a magnificent, idyllic route surrounded by nature that runs along six ponds of varying sizes. The 5.5 km route is perfect for a short stroll, as it only takes about 1.5 hours to walk. A walking route map is available at reception. Sturdy shoes are recommended for this walking route.

TIP: Combine the Chain of Ponds route with a short visit to Gmünd's beautiful Old Town.

Blockheide Park
Blockheide is a nature reserve on the outskirts of Gmünd which is known for its massive rock formations and idyllic hiking trails.The entrance is only about 5 km away by car (a five-minute drive). If you would like to explore Blockheide on foot, you can reach this either via the Chain of Ponds route or via the Old Town of Gmünd (about 4 km)
Depending on availability, we would be happy to bring you to the entrance upon request. Sturdy shoes are recommended for these walking routes.

At Every Turn

Big Bang Nature Path
From the Big Bang to the present – take in rare natural treasures around Gmünd. This path connects the Chain of Ponds route with Blockheide, the Lužnice/Lainsitz River floodplain and the City of Gmünd and begins directly at the hotel. The Big Bang nature path [Naturknallweg] is 13.7 km long (takes about 4 hours). You can get a map of the Big Bang nature path at the reception.

Walk Around Town
The Walk around Town [Stadtspaziergänger] route includes the Old Town and the New Town route. The New Town route begins directly from the hotel. Plaques along this route tell the history of the region during World War I. We recommend a short visit to České Velenice (note: a passport or ID card is mandatory). The Old Town route is about 2.5 km long and takes you past many of the unique sights of Gmünd: Old town hall – municipal museum – glass and stone museum –Schremser Straße – Bahnhofstraße – Schlossparkgasse – Palmenhaus greenhouse – palace gardens – old smithy – Rothgasse – Kirchengasse – St. Stephan’s parish church – sgraffito-decorated houses – town square. You can get a map of the Walk around Town route at the reception.


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