Salt Sauna

Invigorate your body and soul in the Sole Felsen Welt's one and only Salt Sauna.

Temperature: 90 °C

Our Salt Sauna uses salt from Bad Ischl, which has healing properties. Combined with the positive effects of saunas in general, you are doing something truly nice for yourself. Breathing in salt from Bad Ischl is said to stimulate your respiratory system, reduce inflammation, relieve tension and fight off infections. Heating up salt crystals produces ions with a negative charge, which are said to counteract bacteria and viruses.

Our salt aromatherapy sessions use wonderful mixtures of salt and herbs to pamper you. Your skin will thank you too!


Aromatherapy in the Sauna


How to use the sauna: Please do not wear a bathing suit. You will need a towel for the sauna and a towel for the shower. Please leave your sandals in front of the door when you enter.



Pool and sauna capacity


There are currently enough tickets available.


There are currently enough tickets available.

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