Steam Bath

A treat for your skin and your lungs: Our steam bath's cleansing steam.

Temperature: 48 °C

The Sole Felsen Welt's steam bath has humidity levels of 100 % and a pleasantly warm temperature of 48 °C. These are basically optimal conditions for physical regeneration. A visit to the steam bath can have a very positive impact on stress levels, muscle cramps, rheumatic diseases, symptoms of a cold and much more.

A special way to pamper your skin is with a Black Mud treatment. It takes place at 14:30 and 19:30 in the steam bath.

Aromatherapy Cream: Daily at 12:15 & 17:15 for 4 €


Aromatherapy in the Sauna


Note on the steam bath: Please do not wear a bathing suit. You will need an extra towel. Please leave your sandals in front of the door when you enter.



Pool and sauna capacity


We are partially occupied, there are only a few tickets available.


We recommend that you visit us on another day.

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