Swiss Pine Sauna

Pine Power: Feel better by the minute.

Temperature: 60 °C

There is a reason why Swiss pine, aka Pinus cembra, is known as "the Queen of the Alps". Its wood has many different positive properties which, in combination with a hot and humid setting, soothe the body and soul. Enriched with various balsams and essential oils, Swiss pine wood has a very unique and calming scent.

Experience a state of absolute relaxation in our 60 °C Swiss Pine Sauna. Soft music and a light show are guaranteed to provide a feel-good atmosphere.

Aromatherapy in the Sauna


How to use the sauna: Please do not wear a bathing suit. You will need a towel for the sauna and a towel for the shower. Please leave your sandals in front of the door when you enter.



Dear guests!

The sauna bar will be closed from October 3, 2022 to probably October 14, 2022 due to renovation work. You are welcome to consume food & drinks in our self-service restaurant.

Thank you for your understanding!
Your team from the Sole Felsen Welt


Pool and sauna capacity


There are currently enough tickets available.


There are currently enough tickets available.

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