Traditional Massages

Your body will thank you.

Traditional back massage
30 minutes / 51 €

Do a good deed for your back. This massage technique regenerates your back muscles and increases your sense of mental well-being. Towards the end of every session the massage focuses on the neck area. This is done to release the tension in the centres located there.

"The oil massage"
60 minutes / 98 €

Enjoy the feeling of gentle relaxation all over your body. This unique massage uses the “flowing hand” technique: the body is massaged with warm oils from head to toe using gentle, flowing movementsThe aim of this form of massage is to create harmony, purify the skin and flush away toxins. A special head massage at the end of the session restores your energy.

Traditional head, face, neck and cleavage massage
30 minutes / 51 €

Discover the liberating and cleansing effects of this massage technique, which offers an intense relaxation and cleansing experience. It also improves circulation, lymph flow and metabolic processes. Thanks to the back’s supine position, this technique is very good for pregnant women.It focuses on releasing tension in the neck area. The cosmetic aspects for your face and cleavage are another important part of this treatment.

Traditional Shirodhara massage
“Go with the Flow”
50 minutes / 92 €

Shirodhara Ayurvedic massage is the “crème de la crème” of massage treatments. This gentle therapy form entails pouring a thin stream of lukewarm oil over the forehead non-stop for more than 30 minutes.To reach a complete state of deep relaxation, your feet are massaged beforehand and your reflex zones are activated. The secret behind this type of massage is to relax by achieving a liberating trance-like state.It calms the head, seen as the centre of our thought and brain activity, and balances the nerves. The result is an incomparable feeling of relaxation for the whole body.

Traditional full body oil massage II
"The Big Massage”
90 Minutes / €132

Experience and enjoy a full-body oil massage customized according to your needs.This form of treatment using a specific massage technique and special oils mixed together according to your physique, paying attention to your energy centres (chakras) and opening them. This unique massage form uses calamus powder.

Traditional foot reflexology massage
30 minutes / €51

Restore your body’s balance. This gentle form of foot reflexology massage from India is the origin of the more vigorous Chinese variety. It has a regenerative effect on the entire body. Gliding movements along the reflex zones located in the feet and legs have a calming effect on all the body’s organs. This form of massage is good for those with insomnia and nervousness.It harmonizes and revitalizes the body at the same time.


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